Lodner Restaurant

Enjoyment workshop currently closed!

our enjoymentworkshop

… the passion to cook in a visionary way – high quality standards for enjoyment without regrets.

The clear and creative, but not „aloof way of cooking“ signals the zeitgeist and guarantees maximum enjoyment.

The way of cooking completes the symbiosis of tradition, modernity and fantasy to create refined enjoyment experiences. Other important aspects are the creative and harmonious integration of the freshest products from other countries and the diverse culinary influences of different cultures.

„Surprise menu“

This menu is cheeky, playful and tempts you to come up with new culinary surprises thanks to the variety of the most varied of sophisticated taste compositions.
Only this much can be revealed: nobody has been disappointed yet …

3 courses … € 45.00

4 courses … € 55.00

5 courses … € 65.00

6 courses … € 75.00

Corresponding wines 3 * 0.1 l… € 15.50 or 5 * 0.1 l… € 25.50